Links to Sepinwall’s episode-by-episode reviews for every show in his book, The Revolution Was Televised

My favorite TV critic, Alan Sepinwall, is releasing the updated version of his book The Revolution Was Televised today. I love the book, especially because it introduced me to shows I’ve since watched and absolutely loved (Friday Night Lights!).

As I catch up on some of the other shows in the book, as I do with every episode of good TV I watch, I immediately go to find Alan’s episode-by-episode reviews, which add lots of detail and insight. To make it easier for myself, I decide to compile all the links in one place for each episodic review for all the shows covered in his book (and one more!). Hope this helps anyone else that likes to read Alan’s reviews!

NOTE: I tried to build this list programmatically using a combination of and Google ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ searches, but it didn’t work. In the end, I went through Alan’s old and new blogs and hand-copied each link into a huge Excel spreadsheet. It took forever (and I accidentally spoiled myself on a few character deaths in shows I haven’t seen yet, grr), but hopefully every link is right. If not, or if you spot any typos, please contact me via email or, preferably, on Twitter—I’m @rkudeshi. Thanks!

Table of Contents

  1. Oz
  2. The Sopranos
  3. The Wire
  4. Deadwood
  5. The Shield
  6. Lost
  7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  8. 24
  9. Battlestar Galactica
  10. Friday Night Lights
  11. Mad Men
  12. Breaking Bad
  13. Game of Thrones


As far as I can find, Alan hasn’t written about Oz individually.

The Sopranos

Alan reviewed various Season 4-6 episodes for the Newark Star-Ledger and did a Season 1 rewatch in 2015.

The Wire

Alan made a list of all of his reviews of The Wire in 2014, so I’ve mostly copied from that list. The “Newbie” reviews are for people watching the series for the first time, while the “Veteran” reviews have future spoilers for the whole series.


Like The Wire, Alan did “Newbie” and “Veteran” reviews of Deadwood. However, after episode 208, he consolidated them into one and noted that first-time watchers should avoid the comments, where future spoilers are allowed.

The Shield

Alan only started reviewing this show with Season 6, so nothing available before then.


Alan reviewed Season 2 more sporadically, which is why not all episodes have reviews. After that, he covered everything though.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I believe Alan reviewed at least some Buffy episodes for the Newark Star-Ledger (some of his quotes are cited on Wikipedia pages for individual episodes), but I can’t find the full articles anywhere. However, he and Dan Fienberg did a re-watch of season 1 on their podcast in 2012. They also discussed the series finale on the podcast in 2015, so I’ve included those links below.


Another show Alan reviewed very sporadically (especially in its later lesser seasons), but he did review every episode of the 24: Live Another Day revival in 2014.

Battlestar Galactica

Alan’s early reviews didn’t include the episode name in the blog post title, so I matched the date of his blog posts with the show’s air dates. Please contact me if there are any mistakes!

Friday Night Lights

This is probably my favorite show of any on this list…if you haven’t watched it, go to Netflix right now and start! It’s so good!

Mad Men

As one of the newer shows, Alan reviewed every episode as it aired. Don’t miss his additional articles at the end too.

Breaking Bad

As one of the newer shows, Alan reviewed every episode as it aired.

Game of Thrones

Bonus! I compiled the links for this show because I figure it’s the next most likely Alan would’ve included in his book (and his reviews were VERY helpful for me when I caught up on the show a couple years ago).

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